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Individual Psychotherapy
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ADULTS (21+)

Psychotherapy provides a space for us to acquire insight and clarity, create new priorities, and gain the courage to change. I am committed to walk alongside you to find restoration in areas of your life that are distressed.

- Depression and anxiety

- Complex relationship issues

- Racial / Ethnic identity

- Work-career issues

- Divorce

- Feeling stuck


As we reach older age, there is a looking back to what and who we were that brings many feelings to the surface. Let me help with these life transitions.

- Depression and anxiety

- Life transitions / Retirement  

- Mortality issues  

- Aging parents  

- Complex relationship issues  

- Grief and loss

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Group Psychotherapy
Empty Chairs

As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. As a member of a group, you will not feel alone. The following are some future offerings:

- Divorce

- Grief and Loss

- BIPOC Women

- Parenting

- High-Achieving Women

Healthcare Providers

As a member of the helping profession, I personally understand the stress experienced when we care for the mental and physical well-being of others. My practice has helped many professionals find a personal work-life balance. These professions include, but are not limited to, therapists, nurses, physicians, etc.

- Depression and anxiety

- Burnout

- Life-work balance

- Work / career issues

- Achievement pressures

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Psychological Evaluations
( Adults Only )
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Available to provide consultation and supervision to other Psychologists who are licensed in North Carolina or New York.

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Let’s get started!

I truly believe that your overall well-being is an important aspect of feeling fulfilled in life. With the right support and tools, you can heal and live a healthier version of yourself. I would be honored to be part of that special journey.